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Argos-3 system

Argos two-way and new generation Argos instruments

The Argos system continuously undergoes new development. A team of full-time system engineers at CLS work on Argos with help from the CNES (French Space Agency) providing orbit statistics, new instrument development, new transmitter and sensor equipment.

The first Argos-3 instrument, including two-way communication and 4.8 kbps high data rate channel, was launched on board the European Organization of the Exploitation of Meterological Satellites (EUMETSAT) MetOp satellite in October 2006. Three more satellites will be launched in the coming five years, the first being scheduled for next year. Users can already fully benefit from these Argos-3 system enhancements.  Click here to learn more .

The continuous development of Argos instruments and future satellite launches that are scheduled for the next 20 years guarantee users a robust and reliable satellite link and coverage.

 News on Argos-3

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