03.07.2018 Flash news The adventure of the turtle named Rana and her camera

Around the 21st of June, as part of an action led by the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Robert Calcagno, Damien Chevalier & Olivier Brunel released a sea turtle named Rana who had been receiving treatment for four years. To monitor its evolution an animal tracking system was set up…
An eel in the sea with a pop-up tag. Credits G. Simon, Perpignan University

27.06.2018 Animal tracking applications Eels become slightly less slippery thanks to Argos & goniometer

Eels are still nowadays a very mysterious fish species. To better know their swimming behaviour when leaving the European coasts, accelerometers are used in conjunction with Argos pop-up tags to estimate speed variations during vertical migrations and infer energy expense of eels leaving Europe to reproduce in the Sargasso Sea.
éléphant de mer avec une balise Argos (photo C. McMahon, IMOS/U. Sydney)

11.06.2018 Animal tracking applications Elephant seals diving for science

The marine animals living in the open ocean, and especially in the Southern Ocean, are among the ones which knowledge benefitted the most from Argos wildlife tracking. We discovered a lot about Southern Elephant seals, among those – depths of dive, paths followed, etc., all things completely unknown previously and…
Arctic fox (Credits A. Sokolov)

29.05.2018 Animal tracking applications Siberian Arctic fox on the move

Nowadays Arctic wildlife is often endangered by climate changes and human activities, and they are not always very well known. The arctic fox is a small animal, white in Winter, living around the Arctic circle. In Siberia it has been little studied for now, but miniaturization progresses make it possible…
Loggerhead turtle equipped with a satellite tag. Source: Miquel Gomila/SOCIB

15.05.2018 Animal tracking applications Tweeting Mediterranean Loggerhead turtles as oceanographers

Loggerhead turtle around Balearic Islands are equipped with Argos satellite tracking tags. Their data are used as oceanographic data source, and they also can be followed in real-time on Twitter, as a mean of raising awareness on the threats to this wildlife species and the way of helping protecting them.
EO4 Wildlife

04.05.2018 Animal tracking applications EO4 wildlife – Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and Argos data

In November 2017, a new version of the EO4wildlife platform was released to all partners. This version provide a wide new set of features such as access to new datasets, integration of new processing services, improvements on platform usability and on interoperability issues… On topic of metocean data, the ambition…

02.05.2018 Animal tracking applications How do lesser spotted eagles learn their migration routes?

Argos wildlife tracking helps to understand the best conditions for young lesser spotted eagles to survive their first migration. Using solar-powered tags, over 100 birds of different birth location and age have been followed since 2004 during their trip to Africa, to monitor the effects of translocating young birds to…
ActInSpace 2018

17.04.2018 Flash news Argos’ challenges for ActInSpace 2018

ActInSpace is an innovation contest (Hackathon) initiated by the French Space Agency (CNES) uniting over 60 cities across 5 continents. This international event aims to bring together entrepreneurs, students, developers, creatives… For 24 hours, teams will work on challenges proposed by various companies, with the support of business…
Return to sea of a tagged porbeagle with argos satellite

17.04.2018 Animal tracking applications Argos satellite system helps track porbeagle sharks

Porbeagle shark is a wildlife species which migrates long distances. Monitoring their movements is important to help protect them. Since they are permanently subaquatic, they are located using Argos pop-up satellite archival tags. The migration of nine porbeagle sharks have been monitored for several months and up to one year…
Green Sea Turtle

04.04.2018 Animal tracking applications Endangered sea turtle species in Papua New Guinea

One of our Argos users recently deployed the first satellite tagged, hard shelled turtles (greens and hawksbills) in Papua New Guinea.  The Argos satellite tags will help to understand the movement of one of the world’s oldest creatures and will play an important role in the conservation of endangered…