Argos Publications

01.09.2006 Forum Protecting wildlife

International flight of Asian buzzards (p 4)
Using satellite tracking to protect loggerhead sea turtles (p 8)
A tracking program for effective wildlife management (p 12)
Projects: A few hints on using Argos in Europe (p 16)
Projects: Tracking large pelagic species (p 17)
News: ArgosWeb (p 18)
News: Innovative tags (p 19)

01.03.2006 Flash March 2006

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosShare: Automatically share your data with colleagues by program, platform, time interval or geographic areas
- Argos-3 on MetOp. Join our test program! - CLS AMERICA: Brand New ... with 20 Years of heritage
- FAQ: What's the impact of the maximum speed of my platform, which value should I give?
- In brief: How can I turn in any unusued ID numbers to avoid fees? - How can I add new ID numbers to an existing program?
- Monthly Data Bank

01.01.2006 Forum Vital resources

Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoy (SLDMB) (p 4)
Water resources and experiments towards efficient water level monitoring (p 8)
Water resources and humanitarian applications (p 14)
Projects: VR3-Argos Pelagic monitoring (p 18)
Projects: Receiver Deployed in FADIO Project (p 18)
News: ArgoNautica: Argos and Education (p 19)
News: Argos Web (p 19)

01.10.2005 Flash October 2005

- An easier data access and management
- ArgosDirect: your data directly at your desk
- NOAA-N (NOAA-18) the constellation grows
- FAQ: Does accuracy increase with the number of received messages?
- In brief: 2 new antennas - International Argos User Conference

01.10.2004 Forum News from the deep

The Argo Project: 21st century in situ Ocean Observing System (p 4)
Predator and "Oceanographer", Elephant Seals
in the Southern Ocean (p 8)
"Signals of Spring" Brings ARGOS Data to Kids (p 14)
Projects: New Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 PTT (p 18)
Projects: Argonautica: educative project (p 18)
News: Argos Data on-line, Data access via the web (p 19)
News: CLS announces the opening of a new office in Indonesia (p 19)

01.06.2004 Flash June 2004

- Spreading Argos Frequency
- Increase Argos Location Accuracy with better altitude estimation
- Argos System Use Agreement (SUA) Renewals
- FAQ: What's the meaning of location classes?
- In brief: Ending an Argos Program - Unused ID Numbers, User Contact Information, Satellite NOAA-11 (H) Deactivated, New Subsidiary in Jakarta.

01.12.2003 Flash December 2003

- Updates
- The Argos future, capabilities and constellation
- Receive Encoded Data
FAQ: What should I do if my platform transmits only 2 or 3 messages per satellite pass?
Do I need the location service plus (ALP) service?
In brief: New antennas, Michel Cazenave President of CLS retires, Information.

01.07.2003 Flash July 2003

- Argos Data on-line web access now open
- Go Ahead for ADEOS II
- FAQ: Why should I go for GPS?
- In brief: New Antenna, Animal tracking Symposium a Success!!

01.07.2003 Forum New persprectives

Argos School Feeding monitoring System (p 4)
Minimizing Highway Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions (p. 8)
Animals as oceanographic samplers (p. 13)
Project: OPSCOM participate in a stork fitting(p 18)
News: The New Argos Two-Way Platform (p. 19)

01.01.2003 Flash January 2003

- ADEOS II successfully launched
- New system capabilities with Argos two-way
- FAQ: How can I use a GPS receiver with Argos?
- In brief: Animal Tracjing Symposium, Migration without frontiers