Argos Publications

12.09.2011 Flash July 2011

- Webservices are here! Argos data is now available in XML format
- Nearly 70% of Argos PTTS now benefit from Kalman filtering location processing
- Don't forget: 6 digit ID numbers and turn in old IDs
- FAQ: How accurate are one-message Class B locations when processed with Kalman filtering?
- Focus: Second METOP global antenna now operational in Antarctica!

06.09.2011 Brochure State-of-the-art processing for in situ data collection systems

06.09.2011 Brochure Argos-3: the new generation

06.09.2011 Brochure Argos general

01.07.2011 Forum Measuring Extreme Environments

Sea of Okhotsk beluga whales: Seasonal movements and habitat use
Southern Ocean Argo: The final frontier
ROSAME network observations in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
Argos-3 in the North Pole
More positions and better accuracy for Argo

01.02.2011 Flash February 2011

- Argos location algorithm : It’s your choice !
- Kalman filtering vs. least squares analysis at a glance
- Reprocessing your locations with the Kalman filter algorithm
- FAQ: How do I switch to the Kalman filtering algorithm for an existing program ?
- Focus: Welcome to four new receiving stations !

01.11.2010 Forum Where Wildlife and Humans Intersect

Understanding the potential dispersal of HPAI H5N1 virus by migratory wildfowl
Reducing risk of osprey collisions with aircraft
How female Lesser scaup are affected by pollution in the Great Lakes
Argos-3 in the Canary Islands
Ultra-robust Argos collars in Russia

20.10.2010 Presse The most unlikely creature tracked by ARGOS: a giant jellyfish in the Sea of Japan

In the search for solutions for peaceful coexistence between fishermen and the jellyfish, Noato Honda has been conducting a scientific study of this gelatinous species with the help of Argos

01.09.2010 Flash September 2010

- Special Edition: Argos location at its best!
- Oceanographers or biologists, satellite tracking just got better!
- More positions, more accuracy…
- FAQ: How will the new processing change my data?
- Focus: How it works: A positioning algorithm based on Kalman filters

01.06.2010 Forum Argos Guinness Book

Max, the bird tracked for the longest period
The elephant, the largest land animal ever tracked by satellite
The most unlikely creature tracked by Argos: a giant jellyfish
Antarctic Mission - record for the lowest temperature
Absolute record for drifting buoy lifetime
Distance record for boundary layer pressurized balloons
A new generation of ARVOR floats with ARGOS-3 capability
New ARGOS location algorithm: better accuracy