Argos Publications

20.10.2014 Presse FARIO, The Jura lynx

A young lynx was openly roaming round and was in distress in a Jura village. The Athenas Centre, the only French institution specialising in lynx, turned up and with the help of the ONCFS captured the animal, which had clearly been separated from its mother. Fario was injured and very malnourished.

20.10.2014 Brochure Goniometer

CLS goniometer helps users find active ARGOS platforms in the field. Depending on the altitude and the reception conditions the goniometer can detect all transmitting platforms within a radius of 100 km or more.

22.09.2014 Presse A first: booted eagles tracked by ARGOS tags

The booted eagle is Europe's smallest species of eagle. it is distributed over a narrow band from North Africa to Lake Baikal with about 17,000 couples worldwide.

06.09.2014 Brochure Wildlife

Discover the Argos system: A unique satellite system dedicated to environmental applications... By scientists, for scientists.

06.09.2014 Brochure Ocean and Climate

30.06.2014 Flash June 2014

- Continuous improvements in Argos data distribution
- CLS View: a new android application to display all CLS tracking data
- Improving Argos locations with a new digital elevation model
- NOAA-16 satellite decommissioned
- FAQ : How can I avoid being billed for unused ID numbers?
- Peer-reviewed article on Argos Kalman-filter processing now published

30.06.2014 Brochure CLS View

CLS View is an Android application to display any mobile tracking data provided by CLS. It is compatible with all applications developed by CLS (shipping, offshore supply vessels, yacht races, fishing vessels, wildlife tracking, etc).

19.06.2014 Forum News from the ocean

- Studies of currents in the Sea of Okhotsk and adjoining areas
- Comparison of TMI and AMSR-E sea surface temperature with recent Argo near-surface temperature over the global oceans
- The global drifter program and the implementation of the Argos-3 technology
- Project: Messages in a bottle with a modern twist
- News: Finding a lost transmitter in Spain’s Sierra de los Filabres

17.12.2013 Flash December 2013

-Fast and easy access to one year of archived Argos data via ArgosWeb
-Find your platforms in the field with our new goniometer
-Export tracking data from ArgosWeb to GoogleEarth
-Continuing to improve Argos real time coverage
-FAQ: How can I download trajectory information with ArgosWeb?
-A fully upgraded recieving station in Tahiti

02.12.2013 Forum Birds and ARGOS, a worldwide journey

- Understanding movements of avian scavengers on both sides of the Equator
- Tracking carnaby’s cockatoos in Western Australia
- Natal dispersal of eagle owls: a European scale project
- Studying marabou storks around the lake Victoria basin
- Spatio-temporal tracking of common wood pigeons in Europe
- Cross or go around the sea? The effect of weather conditions on the migratory strategy of oriental
honey buzzards
- NorthStar Grant Program: presentation of the winning projects
- Zoom on: tracking Egyptian vultures in the Middle East
- News: ARGOS-3 HD:jpeg images trasmission in addition to meteorological data
GONIOMETER RXG-134: to help you find your platform equipped with an ARGOS transmitter