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Suivre les tortues marines du Brésil grâce au système ARGOS

08.08.2013 Animal tracking applications Tracking sea turtles in Brazil via the Argos system

Sea turtles, are highly migratory, have a complex life cycle and use a wide range of habitats. All five turtle species found along the Brazilian coast are endangered.
Argos and the Pacific white sharks

26.09.2012 Animal tracking applications Argos and the Pacific white sharks

White sharks are currently threatened all over the world, and the general public does not know enough about their behavior and evolution. (credit photo : Michael Domeier) 
Le mystère du Milan noir suisse

26.03.2012 Animal tracking applications The mystery of Swiss black kits

Black kites are very mysterious birds. (credit photo :Adrian Aebischer)
En Russie

14.02.2012 Animal tracking applications Reintroducing bison in Russia’s Bryansk forest

The population of European bison has continuously decreased throughout the 20th century. Today, many scientists are trying to reintroduce the species in Russia. (credit photo : Elena Sitnikova)
Mini-drifters: A breakthrough in coastal Oceanography

24.01.2012 Oceanography and meteorological applications Mini-drifters: A breakthrough in coastal Oceanography

Nomad Science company has developed a new concept for measuring ocean currents in Japanese coastal zones.
Argos sheds light on migration of Cuckoos’ from Britain to Africa

09.01.2012 Animal tracking applications Argos sheds light on migration of Cuckoos’ from Britain to Africa

Thanks to the Argos satellite system and the 5g tag, the species can be tracked as they fly to Africa.

12.10.2008 JTA Events Thirty-sixth Session of Argos Joint Tariff Agreement

24 – 26 October 2016, La Jolla, United States The Argos Joint Tariff Agreement (JTA) provides for an international mechanism to seek for cost-effective location and data processing of data collected through the Argos system. The JTA is functioning through stakeholders whose roles are mainly to negotiate the Argos service…